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Poster: garthus Date: Aug 21, 2009 9:45am
Forum: texts Subject: How to Cleanup and Control your Desktop 1: Adobe Flash Redux

How to Cleanup and Control your Desktop 1: Adobe Flash Redux

For those of us with disabilities or who have the desire to run less resource intensive Desktop environments; there is hope. I will post a series of tutorials concerning how to take back control of your desktop from the corrupt corporate and organizational types who are silently creeping into your computer with all sorts of eye-candy which in realty are Trojan horses.

To understand what plug-ins such as Flash and its ilk really do to your machine, one can simply open up task manager to examine which processes are running. This is not the end however because the nature of these plug-ins is that the are increasingly turning to running hidden processes which may not be easily detectable by the casual web surfer.

The simplest solution is a plug-in which now comes with Mozilla and its various forks (derivatives of a parent application). I use Kmeleon because it is easy to turn off no-mind tools like Tabbed browsing, history, typing completion and url permanence. Each one of these tools opens up additional processes which further reduce your machines performance.
Flash block:

Now comes pre-installed with Kmeleon and it is simple matter to activate it. What it does is to either completely block flash operations or it places an icon in the browser for each flash application you encounter. The user has the choice to either click on the icon to activate the appropriate flash action or with some simple macro configuration; tell the browser to allow such suspect activity in the future. This has the ability to reduce both the incidences of male-ware coming through this route or at least let the user see what the designers have in mind when they "enhance your experience" by visiting their site.

Now when I go to the Archive home-page Instantly all of the moving shit on my desktop disappears; instead one image appears with an Icon for each Flash instantiation. By moving the cursor over the icon, a balloon appears telling you about this icon and asking if you want to run it. No longer do I have to complain about this crap to the archive developers or the developers of other web pages which I visit. (Peace and quiet .. I wish I could do that with the local cable supplier when they flash advertisements at insanely hi acoustic levels). You will be surprised how much crap these people are really running and what it is doing to your computer. I just laugh at the amount of time they spend developing this shit only to have it broken with five line macros in the web browser. Maybe if they spent even ten percent of their time developing simple and workable software, the world would truly be a better place and waste would be the exception and not the rule on the World-Wide-Web.


Time permitting I will do a tutorial on setting this up; but it really is pretty straight-forward.

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Hehe: I wonder who wrote this macro?

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